Marco Santori

Marco Santori is a business attorney and commercial litigator in New York City. His business practice focuses on early-stage companies in the technology sector, including web, e-commerce, financial technology, and the emerging digital currency space. He also advises his clients on regulatory matters, including the compliance with and avoidance of money services and securities regulations. He represents entrepreneurs in bitcoin payments, mining and securities. He is also Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee.

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Appcoin Law Part 2: The SAFT Solution

| Marco Santori

In the second part of a series on the legal issues for token sales, Marco Santori explains the SAFT Project's protections for issuers and investors.

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Silk Road Goes Dark: Bitcoin Survives Its Biggest Market’s Demise

| Marco Santori

In CoinDesk's "Bitcoin Milestones" series, attorney Marco Santori recalls the heyday of Silk Road, its sudden downfall and its legacy for bitcoin.

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Appcoin Law: ICOs the Right Way

| Marco Santori

Marco Santori provides a basic primer on the state of US law as it applies to appcoins and ICOs.

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No, Forking Bitcoin Won’t Land You in Legal Hot Water

| Marco Santori

Pillsbury Winthrop blockchain lead Marco Santori rebuffs claims creating new versions of bitcoin's blockchain may create legal issues for developers.

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The Top 10 Global Bitcoin Regulatory Developments of 2015

| Marco Santori

Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee chair Marco Santori rounds up the biggest global regulatory developments from 2015.

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BitLicense 2.0: What The Latest Revisions Mean for Bitcoin Businesses

| Marco Santori

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP attorney Marco Santori breaks down the latest BitLicense revision and what it means for bitcoin businesses.

What New York’s Proposed Regulations Mean for Bitcoin Businesses

| Marco Santori

New York business attorney Marco Santori deconstructs the details of the proposed BitLicense.

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Bitcoin Law: Compliance and Avoidance Strategies

| Marco Santori

Bitcoin lawyer Marco Santori takes an in-depth look at compliance and avoidance strategies for bitcoin businesses in the US.

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Bitcoin Law: Money transmission on the state level in the US

| Marco Santori

Bitcoin lawyer Marco Santori takes an in-depth look at US bitcoin regulation, focusing on the state level.

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Bitcoin Law: What US businesses need to know

| Marco Santori

Bitcoin lawyer Marco Santori takes an in-depth look at state and federal regulations surrounding bitcoin businesses in the US.