Josh Stark

Josh Stark is a lawyer and head of operations and legal at Ledger Labs, a blockchain consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario. His research and writing focuses on legal & governance issues in blockchain technology. Follow Josh: @jjmstark or reach him directly at josh[at] Josh holds investments in bitcoin and ether (See: Editorial Policy).

Making Sense of Cryptoeconomics

| Josh Stark

Josh Stark argues that "cryptoeconomics" is widely misunderstood, despite being a concept crucial to understanding the blockchain industry.

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The Two Topics in Law and Blockchain

| Josh Stark

Ledger Labs' Josh Stark breaks the complexities of blockchain law down into two relatively simple categories.

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Making Sense of Blockchain Governance Applications

| Josh Stark

Ledger Labs' Josh Stark seeks to provide a high-level framework for understanding the potential of nascent blockchain governance applications.

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Building the Foundations for a Scalable Ethereum Community

| Josh Stark

Do events like The DAO collapse prove blockchains need formal governance? Blockchain analyst Josh Stark argues that it's too early to tell.

Making Sense of Blockchain Smart Contracts

| Josh Stark

In this op-ed, Ledger Labs head of operations Josh Stark takes a deep dive into the concept of smart contracts.


How Close Are Smart Contracts to Impacting Real-World Law?

| Josh Stark

How close are smart contracts to impacting law? Blockchain legal expert Josh Stark explores in this opinion piece.