Jonathan Levin

Jonathan Levin is a co-founder of Coinometrics, a premium data analytics company for digital currencies. At the company, he leads work on measuring the activity and health of the bitcoin network. Levin was previously a postgraduate economist at the University of Oxford where his research focused on virtual currencies, creating one of the first statistical models of bitcoin transaction fees. While at Oxford, he was the convenor of the Oxford Virtual Currencies Working Group, an interdisciplinary working group focused on the economic and social implications of virtual currencies. Levin has also consulted to government bodies, Fortune 500 companies and first-tier investment banks on the future of digital currencies.

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Translucent Regulation: Fear and Loathing in a Blockchain World

| Jonathan Levin

How does bitcoin shape our perception of privacy in the digital age? Chainalysis co-founder Jonathan Levin explores.

Bitcoin: New Plumbing for Financial Services

| Jonathan Levin

Bitcoin represents a new way to re-plumb the financial system on a decentralized architecture, so it's important to understand the network of pipes.

i love the blockchain just not bitcoin

“I Love the Blockchain, Just Not Bitcoin”

| Jonathan Levin

An open letter to the people who argue that only the blockchain holds true value and can survive without bitcoin the currency.

Speed tunnel

Why a Faster Bitcoin Network Would Keep Fees Low

| Jonathan Levin

Transaction fees could quadruple if the propagation of information on the bitcoin network does not improve.


Do we need Satoshi Nakamoto’s face on a physical bitcoin?

| Jonathan Levin

Could Satoshi Nakomoto one day hold as much esteem as Sir Isaac Newton in the field of monetary management?