Jon Southurst

Jon Southurst is a business-tech and economic development writer who discovered bitcoin in early 2012. His work has appeared in numerous blogs, UN development appeals, and Canadian & Australian newspapers. Based in Tokyo for a decade, Jon is a regular at bitcoin meetups in Japan and likes to write about any topic that straddles technology and world-altering economics.


Don’t Listen to the Mainstream Media on Bitcoin or Blockchain

| Jon Southurst

Kaiko's Jon Southurst takes aim at the mainstream media and their reporting, or misreporting, on bitcoin and blockchain tech.

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Would an Encryption Ban Kill the UK’s Bitcoin Businesses?

| Jon Southurst

What impact, if any, would a UK encryption ban have on bitcoin businesses? A few company representatives have spoken out about the government's plans.


Kid-Friendly Minecraft Server Launches Bitcoin Economy

| Jon Southurst

Kids will have a chance to learn about bitcoin and even take their in-game currency to the real world, thanks to games from Minecraft server PlayMC.

Money Laundering

FATF: Regulate Virtual Currency Exchanges to Counter Crime Risks

| Jon Southurst

Digital currency exchanges and gateways need to be tightly regulated to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing, says the latest FATF report.


BitMoby’s Bitcoin Top-Up Service Wins IT Award

| Jon Southurst

International bitcoin mobile phone top-up service BitMoby has won two prizes at the technology-focused iAwards in Australia.

BitFury Taps Ex-CFTC Chair, Bitcoin Core Developer as Advisors

| Jon Southurst

Blockchain infrastructure company BitFury has selected a number of high-profile figures to serve on its advisory and technical advisory boards.

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Coinplug Wins $45,000 Prize for Blockchain ID Service

| Jon Southurst

Korea's Coinplug has won a mainstream fintech award for its blockchain-based user authentication system, one that offers significant benefits.

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Deal Brings Bitcoin Option to Over 20,000 Japanese Retailers

| Jon Southurst

A deal between a bitcoin exchange and a payments network will see a bitcoin payment option offered to over 20,000 merchants in Japan.

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Welshman Pleads Guilty to Silk Road 2.0 Drug Offences

| Jon Southurst

A 29 year-old man in Wales has pleaded guilty to five drug charges related to the Silk Road 2.0 marketplace, but did not make a deal with prosecutors.


Bitcoin Network Survives Surprise Stress Test

| Jon Southurst

A company's 'ultimate stress test' on the bitcoin network failed before it finished, but did produce some valuable information about transaction fees.