Jonathan Keane

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After Facebook, Will Global Ad Regulators Reject ICOs?

| Jonathan Keane

ICOs are advertising more and more. Are web platforms and regulators taking note, seeking to stamp out bad behavior?

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Sneaky Crypto Malware Miners Are Targeting Ad Networks Next

| Jonathan Keane

Websites and publishers need to be prepared for cryptocurrency miners slipping into ads on their sites, according to Israeli adtech firm Spotad.

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Aruba Looks to Ethereum to Boost Tourism

| Jonathan Keane

The Caribbean island of Aruba is working with blockchain startup Winding Tree to build a decentralized marketplace for its tourism sector.

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Blockchain ID Schemes Could Kill the Data Breach, But How Soon?

| Jonathan Keane

CoinDesk takes a look at problems facing decentralized identity schemes – as told by those seeking to take the blockchain use case live.

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Ready for Takeoff? Lufthansa Strikes Deal With Blockchain ICO Startup

| Jonathan Keane

Major European airline Lufthansa is partnering with a startup called Winding Tree to develop a blockchain-based travel marketplace with its own token.

Sea Change? Deloitte Is Tracking Management Systems Certificates with Blockchain

| Jonathan Keane

Deloitte and DNV GL, one of the world's largest classification societies, are taking non-financial uses of blockchain tech into uncharted waters.

Blockstack Today: 5 Apps Already Being Built on the Decentralized Web

| Jonathan Keane

A look at the applications using Blockstack's platform give insight into what kind of future the startup is looking to cultivate.

Charlie Shrem’s Next Act? Helping This Blockchain Startup Disrupt Music

| Jonathan Keane

With Charlie Shrem and a Pinterest executive as advisers, blockchain startup Viberate is looking to eliminate the music business's middlemen.

Safello Aims for Comeback with New Bitcoin Buying Option

| Jonathan Keane

Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello is back on the radar, announcing credit card payments across the EU and other plans for growth.

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Marketplace Lender Blackmoon to Launch Ethereum Token Management Platform

| Jonathan Keane

Russian fintech firm Blackmoon is launching an ethereum platform for managing tokenized funds.