Garrick Hileman

Garrick Hileman is an economic historian at the London School of Economics and the founder of His research has been covered on CNBC, NPR, the BBC, Al Jazeera and Sky News. He has 15+ years of private sector experience including work with both startups and established companies such as Bank of America, IDG, and Allianz. Previously, he co-founded and led the investment team for a $300 million San Francisco-based tech incubator. Garrick also worked in both equity research and corporate finance at Montgomery Securities and executed over $1 billion in M&A and underwriting transactions for financial services and technology companies.

The Bitcoin White Paper’s Birth Date Should Give Us All a Scare

| Garrick Hileman

Knowing Satoshi, Halloween was no coincidence.

State of Blockchain Q1 2016: Blockchain Funding Overtakes Bitcoin

| Garrick Hileman

CoinDesk has released its latest "State of Blockchain" report, analyzing news and events from Q1 2016.

State of Bitcoin and Blockchain 2016: Blockchain Hits Critical Mass

| Garrick Hileman

CoinDesk's 2016 State of Bitcoin and Blockchain report summarizes key trends, data and events from 2015 and includes predictions for 2016.

State of Bitcoin Q3 2015

State of Bitcoin Q3 2015: Banks Embrace Blockchain Amid Bitcoin Funding Slowdown

| Garrick Hileman

CoinDesk’s latest State of Bitcoin and Blockchain report, sponsored by Coinalytics, summarizes the key trends, data and events from Q3 2015.

State of Bitcoin gold

State of Bitcoin Q2 2015: Price Rallies Amid Economic Turmoil

| Garrick Hileman

CoinDesk’s Q2 2015 State of Bitcoin report examines the key data and events from the cryptocurrency space in the last quarter.


New Index Ranks Argentina ‘Most Likely’ to Adopt Bitcoin

| Garrick Hileman

A new index which ranks the likelihood of countries adopting bitcoin has put Argentina in the top spot.

coindesk-bpi-chart (2)

Why Bitcoin’s Price Has Leapt 64% Since April

| Garrick Hileman

The bitcoin price recently surged above $590, representing a 64% gain from 10th April. But why?

silicon valley

Will Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment Reach $300 Million in 2014?

| Garrick Hileman

Just a month ago, the 2014 run rate for venture capital invested in bitcoin startups stood at $100m.


Bitcoin Trading Volume Concentrating in Largest Exchanges

| Garrick Hileman

Data indicates that BTC trading volume has concentrated in the larger exchanges, while smaller companies are being pushed aside.

Pirate treasure

Pirate Treasure Resurfaces at Bitcoin’s First Academic Workshop

| Garrick Hileman

The first academic workshop to feature peer-reviewed research on bitcoin included a hunt for Dread Pirate Roberts’ lost coins.