Eric Mu

Eric Mu is a former chief marketing officer at HaoBTC, a China-based bitcoin mining. His three passions are the English language, writing and bitcoin. His work has previously appeared in Forbes.

China’s Bitcoin Miners See Profit in a Bigger-Block Blockchain

| Eric Mu

A bitcoin mining conference held by one of the network's largest miners saw what some have labeled an unscientific discussion of scaling the network.

china, ceiling

In China, Two Cities Mirror Blockchain-Bitcoin Divide

| Eric Mu

A central divide in the blockchain industry is being mirrored in the startup cultures of two major cities.

mine china

My Life Inside a Remote Chinese Bitcoin Mine

| Eric Mu

Eric Mu, HaoBTC's chief marketing officer, speaks about life at the company's bitcoin mine in the Tibetan mountains.


How One Startup Will Use Blockchain Tech to Disrupt Online Gaming

| Eric Mu

A Chinese startup called Play claims it can disrupt the incumbent online gaming industry by placing games' logic on a blockchain.

bitcoin crowdfunding china

Bitcoin Crowdfunding is Catching on in China

| Eric Mu

Bitcoin crowdfunding in China is taking off despite its uncertainties, thanks to a risk-taking culture and innovative ownership models.

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BTC China Hires Ex-Alipay Chief Analyst in Payments Push

| Eric Mu

BTC China has hired a former chief analyst from online payments giant Alipay, signalling a shift further into e-commerce.

Chinese Government-Backed TV Program Bashes Bitcoin

| Eric Mu

China Central Television (CCTV) has broadcast an overwhelmingly negative documentary on bitcoin, outraging viewers and even the program's…

China bitcoin exchanges battle in aftermath of ban

China’s Bitcoin Exchanges Survived the Crackdown and Did Battle in the Aftermath

| Eric Mu

China's bitcoin "ban" drastically affected the balance of power across its exchanges.


China’s Answer to eBay Bans Sale of Bitcoins and Mining Gear

| Eric Mu

Taobao, China's largest online marketplace, has banned the sale of all cryptocurrencies and mining gear.


Lesser-Known Chinese Bitcoin Exchange ‘Gox BTC’ Announces Closure

| Eric Mu

Gox BTC, a bitcoin exchange based in Mainland China, announced that it will cease trading on 18th January.