Andrew Hinkes

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The Security Token Market Needs Better Lingo

| Andrew Hinkes

“STO” was coined to distinguish a compliant token offering from ICOs, but the term fails to capture all the types of security tokens.

OFAC’s Bitcoin Blacklist Could Change Crypto

| Andrew Hinkes and Joe Ciccolo

With just one paragraph, an agency of the U.S. government may have just radically altered the dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Florida’s Money Laundering Statute Won’t Affect Most Bitcoin Users

| Andrew Hinkes

What's the potential impact of a recent court decision in Florida that centered on definitions for bitcoin and money transmission?

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Why Florida’s Bitcoin Ruling Could Lead to Legislative Action

| Andrew Hinkes

Legal expert Andrew Hinkes looks at the potential impact of a Florida court's decision to rule that bitcoin isn't money.

The Law of The DAO

| Andrew Hinkes

What is the legal status of The DAO? In this opinion piece, lawyer Drew Hinkes takes a deep dive into laws surrounding fundraising and more.

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HashFast’s $1 Million Question: Is Bitcoin a Currency or Commodity?

| Andrew Hinkes

Berger Singerman LLP counsel Andrew Hinkes discusses what's at stake in an upcoming court hearing in the HashFast bitcoin miner bankruptcy case.

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Beyond Regulation: Why Bitcoin’s Pressing Problem is Civil Law

| Andrew Hinkes

Berger Singerman LLP counsel Andrew Hinkes discusses bitcoin's lack of precedent in common law and the problems it may create for users.