Danny Bradbury

Danny Bradbury has been a professional writer since 1989, and has worked freelance since 1994. He covers technology for publications such as the Guardian.

Block chain-based auditing could reduce fraud

How the Blockchain Could Stop Firms Cooking the Books

| Danny Bradbury

Financial fraud is easy to hide, as several large companies have shown us. Could blockchain technology make firms more financially accountable?

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Searching for a Cryptocurrency Security Standard

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin companies continue to take a hammering from hackers. Where should they look for better security practices?

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How Bitcoin Could Shake Up B2B Payments

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin is great for business-to-business transactions, if both sides know how to use it. What happens if they don't?

Tapeke money management

Tapeke Aims to Be a Dashboard for All Your Bitcoin Transactions

| Danny Bradbury

The founders of Tapeke want it to be a Mint.com for bitcoin users, tracking transactions from multiple wallets. Hurdles remain, however.

Avoiding credit card chargebacks

How Credit Card Fraud Sank One Bitcoin Exchange

| Danny Bradbury

Credit cards are the easiest way to buy bitcoins, but exchanges that don't handle them properly can be hit by chargebacks. What can they do?

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Why Some Bitcoin Exchanges Might Die in 2015

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin’s recently reduced price volatility might be good news for everyday bitcoin users, but could it send a bunch of exchanges off the cliff?

The Pirate Bay

Could Cryptocurrency Improve P2P File Sharing?

| Danny Bradbury

What does The Pirate Bay's recent closure mean for decentralised file sharing? And could the blockchain help to improve the concept?


How Cryptocurrency Could Change the Sharing Economy

| Danny Bradbury

The sharing economy has huge latent value. Cryptocurrency could help unlock that potential, if we just gave it the chance.

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Blockchain Addresses Security Controversy: ‘We Need to Do Better’

| Danny Bradbury

Executives from Coinbase and Blockchain got into an online sparring match recently, in a debate that was about more than security.

Can Bitcoin's Price Ever Be Stable?

Can Bitcoin’s Price Ever Be Stable?

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin's price is unstable because of its fixed supply, say experts. Is there anything we can do to fix that?