Daniel Cawrey

Daniel is based in Silicon Valley, California. In his spare time he enjoys reading, the outdoors and musical pursuits.

missing piece, puzzle

Fake Volume on Crypto Exchanges Isn’t the Half of It

| Daniel Cawrey

There's more to add to Bitwise's recent report about fake trading volume across the crypto exchange industry, says Daniel Cawrey.

Most Crypto Hedge Funds Aren’t Really Hedge Funds

| Daniel Cawrey and Sina Nader

CryptoLux Capital's co-founder Sina Nader and Pactum Capital's CEO Daniel Cawrey explained why most crypto hedge funds aren't really hedge funds.

tick, clock

Bitcoin’s Tick Problem (Getting Screwed on Crypto Exchanges)

| Daniel Cawrey

A penny not mean much to you, but for crypto exchange traders it's a big deal.

Why Ethereum Needs ‘Dumb’ Contracts

| Daniel Cawrey

Ethereum entrepreneur Daniel Cawrey discusses the recent demise of The DAO and how that impacts the future of smart contracts.


Ethereum: A Valuable FinTech Sandbox

| Daniel Cawrey

Daniel Cawrey looks at how Ethereum's potential in blockchain experimentation will help bring about a new digital asset-based economic paradigm.

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Bitcoin Faces Extinction Without Core Development Competition

| Daniel Cawrey

CoinDesk contributor Dan Cawrey argues that the bitcoin ecosystem should embrace and encourage competition in its development community.

Be Vigilant on Compliance, Coinbase Warns Bitcoin Startups

| Daniel Cawrey

Coinbase's associate counsel Sarah Hody told a crowd of bitcoin developers, "it’s always compliance time".

BitQuick Bids to Capture US Cash-to-Bitcoin Market

| Daniel Cawrey

By offering consumer protections, BitQuick believes it succeed as a bitcoin buying and selling marketplace.


Video: Hashrabbit’s Melissa Volkmann on Bitcoin’s Design Mistakes

| Daniel Cawrey

To Ƀ or not to ฿? That is the question posed by designer Melissa Volkmann, who wants bitcoin companies to rethink the industry's creative…

jared kenna interview

Video: Jered Kenna on Losing Bitcoin.com and His Struggle for Success

| Daniel Cawrey

Jered Kenna discusses the highs and lows of running Mt Gox's earliest rival, the projects he's busy with now and life in his new home, Colombia.