Daniel Cawrey

Daniel Cawrey is Chief Executive Officer of Pactum Capital, a quantitative cryptocurrency investment firm and hedge fund. Pactum has built a distinct track record of success no matter whether crypto is in a bull or bear market. Formerly a CoinDesk Contributing Editor, he is author of the upcoming “Mastering Blockchain” book to be published by O’Reilly Media.

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As Crypto Markets Go Cold, Who Will Pay for Open-Source Code?

| Daniel Cawrey

Formerly a CoinDesk Contributing Editor, Daniel Cawrey is author of the upcoming “Mastering Blockchain” book to be published by O’Reilly Media.…

Binance, Bitfinex and Tether: What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

| Daniel Cawrey

Recent events involving Binance, Bitfinex and Tether suggest there's potential for "catastrophic, systemic risk in crypto," Dan Cawrey argues.

Want to Understand Bitfinex? Understand Mt. Gox  

| Daniel Cawrey and Sina Nader

People interested in understanding Bitfinex are well-served to understand what happened with Mt. Gox.

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Fake Volume on Crypto Exchanges Isn’t the Half of It

| Daniel Cawrey

There's more to add to Bitwise's recent report about fake trading volume across the crypto exchange industry, says Daniel Cawrey.

Most Crypto Hedge Funds Aren’t Really Hedge Funds

| Daniel Cawrey

CryptoLux Capital's co-founder Sina Nader and Pactum Capital's CEO Daniel Cawrey explained why most crypto hedge funds aren't really hedge funds.

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Bitcoin’s Tick Problem (Getting Screwed on Crypto Exchanges)

| Daniel Cawrey

A penny not mean much to you, but for crypto exchange traders it's a big deal.

Why Ethereum Needs ‘Dumb’ Contracts

| Daniel Cawrey

Ethereum entrepreneur Daniel Cawrey discusses the recent demise of The DAO and how that impacts the future of smart contracts.


Ethereum: A Valuable FinTech Sandbox

| Daniel Cawrey

Daniel Cawrey looks at how Ethereum's potential in blockchain experimentation will help bring about a new digital asset-based economic paradigm.

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Bitcoin Faces Extinction Without Core Development Competition

| Daniel Cawrey

CoinDesk contributor Dan Cawrey argues that the bitcoin ecosystem should embrace and encourage competition in its development community.

Be Vigilant on Compliance, Coinbase Warns Bitcoin Startups

| Daniel Cawrey

Coinbase's associate counsel Sarah Hody told a crowd of bitcoin developers, "it’s always compliance time".