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Corin Faife is a CoinDesk contributor and has covered the social and political impact of emerging technologies for VICE, Motherboard and the Independent. Corin is not an investor in any digital currencies or blockchain projects. (See: Editorial Policy). Follow Corin: corintxt

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Sorting Hat Time? MimbleWimble Weighs Own Blockchain Launch

| Corin Faife

As the MimbleWimble project moves forward, the team is considering whether to leave the bitcoin blockchain behind in order to advance its ideas.

A Decentralized Mixer For Ethereum? Zcoin Is Working on It

| Corin Faife

A new project is seeking to combine ethereum's smart contract capabilities with the privacy afforded to the zcash blockchain.

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Gnosis Tokens Double in Value After Exchange Debut

| Corin Faife

Following a controversial distribution, prediction market project Gnosis saw its tokens debut on the cryptocurrency markets yesterday.

Purse Launches Testnet for Bitcoin Scaling Tech ‘Extension Blocks’

| Corin Faife

Bitcoin startup Purse is moving ahead with development on 'extension blocks' a proposal to help mitigate bitcoin's current bandwidth issues.

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UASF Developer Revises Controversial Bitcoin Scaling Proposal

| Corin Faife

A controversial solution to bitcoin's scaling debate has been updated by the pseudonymous developer who proposed it.

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You Can Link Monero Transactions – But Which? And What’s the Impact?

| Corin Faife

A new paper provides a technique to link transactions from the privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Should users be worried?

Watch This Ethereum Slot Machine Make Payouts in Real Time

| Corin Faife

A new startup is hoping to tap into the billion-dollar online gambling industry by tapping the power of ethereum smart contracts.

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Matchpool: The ICO ‘Scandal’ That Wasn’t

| Corin Faife

It's been a bumpy ride from the heights of a successful ICO to allegations of an 'exit scam'. What's been going on at Matchpool?

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Digital Currency Exchange ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million Series A

| Corin Faife

Digital currency exchange startup ShapeShift has closed a new funding round, one which it hopes will fuel a suite of new products.

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With Ethereum ‘Ice Age’ Incoming, Momentum Builds for Miner Pay Cut

| Corin Faife

A vote currently taking place on ethereum's mining rewards system has motivated a big response from the community.