Chris DeRose

Cryptocurrency Investment Cues From the South Sea Bubble

| Chris DeRose

A warning from history: what the South Seas Bubble of the 1700s can teach us about the current craze for ICOs.


The Trouble With Fintech (Or Why ‘Now’ is the Time for DLT)

| Chris DeRose

A critical look at the reasons behind the change in dialogue surrounding blockchain and distributed ledger tech.

fish, land

2016: The Year of Blockchain Hubris

| Chris DeRose

2016 may have been a big year for blockchain, but there were failed ideas, too. DeRose lists eight he thinks won't carry over to the new year.

Inflated balloon

Why You Should Beware the Altcoin Rebrand

| Chris DeRose

Lead developer of Drop Zone Chris DeRose argues that ICOs are little more than rebranded altcoins and come with similar risks.

Why Blockchain Immutability is a Perpetual Motion Claim

| Chris DeRose

Is immutability becoming the next overhyped blockchain buzzword? Bitcoin pundit Chris DeRose discusses in his latest op-ed.

receipt, check

Who Will Pay for Turing-Complete Smart Contracts?

| Chris DeRose

Who needs turing complete smart contracts? The answer, says Counterparty community director Chris DeRose, may very well turn out to be "No one".

Bitcoin and Public Blockchains Will Power the Smart Contracts Revolution

| Chris DeRose

Bitcoin evangelist and journalist Chris DeRose examines both the promise and problems related to smart contracts.

dart, target, miss

Why Big Banks Got Blockchains Wrong in 2015

| Chris DeRose

Big banks fell in love with blockchain tech in 2015, but do they truly understand their latest obsession?