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Charles Bovaird is a financial writer and consultant on securities markets and investing concepts. His work has appeared in Fortune, New York Post, Washington Post and elsewhere. Charles holds value in ether and bitcoin (See: Editorial Policy). Follow Chuck here: @charleslbovaird. Email

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Ether Rebounds As Price Rises Back Above $300

| Charles Bovaird

The price of ether experienced an uptick on Wednesday after falling below the $300 mark during the day's trading session.

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Crypto Correction: Bitcoin and Ether Dive as Market Sheds $13 Billion

| Charles Bovaird

Cryptocurrencies suffered widespread losses on Monday as traders took profits and rebalanced their portfolios.

‘Flippening’ Flop? As Ethereum’s Price Pulls Back, Market Remains Bullish

| Charles Bovaird

After weeks of growth, it seems ether's much-hyped 'Flippening' – overtaking bitcoin as the most valuable cryptocurrency – is on hold.

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$13: Ether Prices Plunge in GDAX Exchange Flash Crash

| Charles Bovaird

Ether's price plunged to $13 on GDAX amid signs the Ethereum network is struggling with growing usage.

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Litecoin’s Price Tops $50 to Set New All-Time High

| Charles Bovaird

Spurred by a sudden exchange listing, the price of the cryptocurrency litecoin hit a new all-time high today above $50.

In the Green: Cryptocurrency Prices Rebound After Market Correction

| Charles Bovaird

Cryptocurrency prices have rebounded, reversing the price declines seen during a broad market correction.

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As Crypto Markets See Slowing Growth, Traders Look Long

| Charles Bovaird

As the cryptocurrency markets show signs of cooling, traders are beginning to emphasize a return to long-term strategic bets.

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Traders Plan for Correction as Crypto Market Falls Below $100 Billion

| Charles Bovaird

As a boom in the cryptocurrency market shows signs of slowing, traders are taking defensive measures and hedging their bets.

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The #Flippening: Will Ether ‘Pass’ Bitcoin And What Would It Mean?

| Charles Bovaird

Will ether's market capitalization surpass bitcoin's? Market analysts weigh in on a market trend that could mark a historic shift in the sector.

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Headwinds or Tailwinds? How US Tax Reform Could Impact Bitcoin’s Price

| Charles Bovaird

Are headwinds or tailwinds for bitcoin's price in store? That depends on Washington's ability to reform corporate tax.