Carrie Kirby

Carrie Kirby is a Bay Area freelance reporter with years of experience writing about technology. She helped cover the dot-com boom and bust for the San Francisco Chronicle, and nowadays contributes to the Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco magazine and other publications. Carrie also has a passion for helping moms save money and for car-free living.


How Burning Man’s Camp Bitcoin Became Camp Dogecoin

| Carrie Kirby

Out in the Nevada desert, Burning Man's bitcoin-themed camp has morphed into 'Camp Dogecoin'. Carrie Kirby uncovers why.

Does Bitcoin Need Its Own Silicon Valley?

| Carrie Kirby

Tim Draper and Roger Ver discuss whether forming a Bitcoin Valley could spark a bitcoin company explosion.

How Wisconsin is Helping Lead the Bitcoin Movement Across the Greater US Landscape

| Carrie Kirby

Bitcoin use in the United States isn't limited to big cities. Even in Wisconsin, pockets of cryptocurrency fans gather.

Bitcoin Holds Big Promise for Charity but Hasn’t Delivered Many Big Gifts

| Carrie Kirby

Interest in fundraising in bitcoin is growing among charities, but the donations are slow to come in.

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Scams, Hacks and Poor Management: Life After Silk Road

| Carrie Kirby

Following Silk Road's demise, some users (and even law enforcement officials) wax nostalgic about the 'original' Dread Pirate Roberts.

Lamassu CEO: Our ATMs Will Soon Become Portals for Bitcoin Services

| Carrie Kirby

Zach Harvey describes his machine's development, his partner's departure and the bitcoin ATM's true potential.

Hemant Taneja

Hemant Taneja: Quality Entrepreneurs are Driving Bitcoin Investment

| Carrie Kirby

The General Catalyst partner explains what bitcoin needs to make the mainstream, and why it's so popular with investors.

Susan Athey

Professor Susan Athey: ‘If People Use It, Bitcoin Has Intrinsic Value’

| Carrie Kirby

The economist explains what gives bitcoin value, its worth as an investment and the purity of the protocol.

Hands with coins

‘Micky’ Malka on How Bitcoin Can Help the World’s Unbanked

| Carrie Kirby

Ribbit Capital's 'Micky' Malka tells CoinDesk about his investment plans, what bitcoin needs for growth and its social benefits.

Andreas Antonopoulos, Jonathan Levin, Susan Athey

Despite Challenges, Bitcoin Technology is Here to Stay

| Carrie Kirby

A panel of economists and an entrepreneur discussed bitcoin's troubles, from power usage to distribution and too much regulation.