Bailey Reutzel

Bailey Reutzel is a veteran finance reporter, covering technology, most specifically bitcoin and blockchain at PaymentsSource, American Banker and Digital Transactions. Her latest project Moneytripping is a Gonzo-style journalism project focused on exploring money, politics and finance in America. She has written for Ripple Insights and done PR copy for tech companies. Bailey does not have any investments in digital currencies or blockchain projects. She has previously held value in bitcoin and ether (See: Editorial Policy).

‘Bitcoin At 10: Untold Stories,’ CoinDesk’s First Interactive Multimedia Feature

| Bailey Reutzel

To Scale Bitcoin, Little Improvements Will Need to Go a Long Way

| Bailey Reutzel

Bitcoin Cash and SegWit in the past, it was a non-contentious year for the bitcoin developer community's annual Scaling Bitcoin conference.

6 Outrageous Moments In Crypto Twitter Scam History

| Bailey Reutzel

It's getting really strange out there on crypto Twitter, as these six notable examples amply illustrate.

Losing the Hoodie: Crypto Fashion Gets Loud and Proud In New York

| Bailey Reutzel

At ConsenSys' Ethereal Summit, the standard crypto garb was offset by some real fashionistas, promoting the idea of individuality over being subdued.

The Mystics May Be Here, But Are Crypto’s Cards in Reverse?

| Bailey Reutzel

Crypto may be seeing an influx of mystics, but that might not be a sign the industry is on the right course, CoinDesk editor Bailey Reutzel writes.

An Invitation to CoinDesk’s Super-Secret ICO Pre-Launch Party*

| Bailey Reutzel

What good is having immutable record-keeping and shared digital trust if you can’t kick it off with a rip-roaring banger? Amirite?

I Survived the Eternal Boy Playground, Will Puerto Rico?

| Bailey Reutzel

Brock Pierce is leading a herd of crypto entrepreneurs and investors to Puerto Rico and the island seems mostly welcoming. Is that the right move?

Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno Has a Problem with Crypto

| Bailey Reutzel

Olympian Apolo Ohno may have just launched a cryptocurrency exchange, but he isn't pulling punches when talking about his industry vision.

Puerto Rico Aims to Attract Blockchain Startups With New Council

| Bailey Reutzel

Puerto Rico's government has created an advisory council aimed at spurring the development of blockchain businesses.

SEC ICO Probe Underway, But Stories Conflict on Size of Sweep

| Bailey Reutzel and Marc Hochstein

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been "shotgunning" subpoenas to token sellers, advisors, investors and exchanges. What will come of it all?