Ariel Deschapell

Ariel Deschapell is content manager for blockchain real estate startup Ubitquity, and a recent Henry Hazlitt fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. Follow Ariel: @NotASithLord. Ariel is an investor in bitcoin, and has stock in Ubitquity (See: Editorial Policy).

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Programming Blockchain Can Change How You See Bitcoin

| Ariel Deschapell

Jimmy Song's Programming Blockchain workshop taught me about a lot more than bitcoin.

Strip Clubs, Lambos and Code: A Tale of Two Bitcoins

| Ariel Deschapell

A conference in Miami played host to evidence of a growing schism in the crypto community between passionate developers and fly-by-night traders.

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Bitcoin’s Real Bottleneck

| Ariel Deschapell

Bitcoin's markets may be booming but it's the network's rare development talent that may be most valuable.

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Segwit2x Is Doomed to Fail

| Ariel Deschapell

Developer Ariel Deschapell argues that the Segwit2x bitcoin fork is a broken attempt to change bitcoin, and that it's destined to fail.

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The Economic Case for Conservative Bitcoin Development

| Ariel Deschapell

A look at bitcoin's scaling debate and what the history of money can teach us about the best path forward for protocol development.

ICOs: Foolish Mania or Market Discovery? (They Might Be Both)

| Ariel Deschapell

As ICO mania subsides, CoinDesk contributor Ariel Deschapell argues the increased experimentation that will result is likely an industry boon.

Miami’s Third Bitcoin Hackathon Was All (OK, Mostly) Fun And Games

| Ariel Deschapell

Gamification emerged as a major trend at the third-annual Miami Bitcoin Hackathon this week. Here's our summary of the event:

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The Blockchain: An Experiment in Governance Without Power

| Ariel Deschapell

Cryptocurrencies aren't just an experiment in monetary theory, but also a radical experiment in decentralized governance, says Ariel Deschapell.

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Decentralization & Governance: Can Bitcoin Have the Best of Both?

| Ariel Deschapell

In this opinion piece, contributor Ariel Deschapell asks, can bitcoin have decentralized governance without defining decentralization?

Why a 1MB Block Size May Be Right for Bitcoin Today

| Ariel Deschapell

Are bitcoin's short-term scaling issues holding back adoption? Contributor Ariel Deschapell argues the answer is no.