Amy Castor

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One of Ethereum’s Earliest Smart Contract Languages Is Headed for Retirement

| Amy Castor

One of the oldest ethereum smart contracting languages is showing signs of age – and it may point to underlying weaknesses in the token economy.

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Bitcoin Cash 101: What Users Need to Know Before the Fork

| Amy Castor

The bitcoin blockchain is expected to fork on Tuesday, but what does that mean for bitcoin users?

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CoinDesk Explainer: How BIP 91 Enacts SegWit While Avoiding a Bitcoin Split

| Amy Castor

CoinDesk gives a broad overview of BIP 91, a code proposal that could prove integral to bitcoin's upcoming scaling upgrade.

Gambling on a Hard Fork: Will Roger Ver Take up a High-Stakes Bitcoin Wager?

| Amy Castor

Will controversial bitcoin investor Roger Ver take this high-stakes wager on a possible hard fork now there's a technical solution?

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Tame the Whales? Developer Nick Johnson Thinks He Can Fix ICOs

| Amy Castor

A new proposal from Ethereum Foundation developer Nick Johnson takes aim at what some are calling chronic issues with ICOs.

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Too Easy? Critics Take Aim at Ethereum Token Standard Amid ICO Boom

| Amy Castor

Ethereum's token standard started with good intentions, but as ICO fever takes hold, some wonder if it's now too easy to raise funds.

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Ethereum ‘Tokens’ Are All the Rage. But What Are They Anyway?

| Amy Castor

At the root of a high-profile wave of mega-ICO fundraising efforts on ethereum is a token standard called ERC-20. So what is it anyway?

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Hyperledger Takes on Blockchain Scaling with New Working Group

| Amy Castor

Hyperledger has launched a Performance and Scalability Working Group to build tools for measuring how blockchains cope with increasing popularity.

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Cross Blockchain Trades? Lightning Gives New Life to Atomic Swaps

| Amy Castor

Opening the doors to a new form of decentralized trading, atomic swaps could replace centralized exchanges almost entirely.

Consensus 2017: Even Academics Can’t Keep Pace With Blockchain Change

| Amy Castor

Universities have a role to play in developing a workforce with blockchain skills, but the rapid pace of innovation brings challenges, academics say.