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ether, ethereum

Ethereum First: Investment Product Opens for Trading on Nasdaq Exchange

| Ash Bennington

A first-of-its-kind investment product focused on the cryptocurrency ether is set to make its debut on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

Masters, GABI

No Fraud: Ex-JPMorgan Trader Masters Thinks Bitcoin Breakout Just Beginning

| Ash Bennington

Danny Masters traded commodities at some of the top financial institutions, but now he's going toe-to-toe with them, betting big on bitcoin.

Money on Mougayar? Business Blockchain Author Launches Crypto Fund

| Ash Bennington

Author William Mougayar has launched a new cryptocurrency index fund that enables investors to buy exposure to a fund of handpicked assets.

Naval Ravikant, Consensus 2017

AngelList Creator Naval Ravikant Backs S&P-Style Cryptocurrency Fund

| Ash Bennington

One of the blockchain industry's most notable investors is backing a new cryptocurrency startup – one that is today launching an index fund product.

bill, franklin

Crypto Hedge Fund Costs? Invest $100k and Here’s How Much You’d Pay

| Ash Bennington

CoinDesk takes a look at cryptocurrency hedge funds, exploring how their terms and conditions might impact your capital.

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Regulated ICOs Arrive: Overstock to Open Exchange for Legal Token Trading

| Ash Bennington

U.S. retail giant Overstock is making history today with the launch of the first regulated platform for the exchange of tokens classed as securities.

James Altucher, headshot

Searching for Problems? James Altucher to Bitcoin Critics: You’re Dead Wrong

| Ash Bennington

Business blogger James Altucher provides a counter to cryptocurrency being "a solution in search of a problem," one strong enough to make him a bull.

Bitcoin’s Parimutuel Problem (Or Why Shorting Doesn’t Pay Today)

| Ash Bennington

Parimutuel betting pools in the cryptocurrency grant traders short exposure, but there are plenty of limitations to this new type of exchange.

brown, josh

From Bear to Bull: Bitcoin Just Won’t Die (So Josh Brown Buys)

| Ash Bennington

Money manager Josh Brown doesn't understand bitcoin and was a long-term skeptic – but he's not letting that stop him from buying in.

Coinbase Vets Talk New Fund: Want Returns? Think Beyond Bitcoin

| Ash Bennington

Linda Xie's investment fund will leverage lessons learned working at Coinbase about scaling, governance and the importance of tech prowess.