de Murcie

Denise de Murcie

Denise de Murcie is a content strategist and video producer with over 15 years experience in television news production and over 15 years experience leading Internet marketing and communications programs. After initially working at TV stations in New York City and Boston, Denise made the move to digital media early in the dot-com era, getting involved with the MIT Enterprise Forum and launching a digital agency that helped to drive mass adoption of popular Internet services such as eBay and Working closely with technologists, Denise won five awards for innovative content, including a groundbreaking digital system that delivered diabetes self-management training to patients on web and mobile devices. Today, Denise is dedicated to facilitating understanding of transformative crypto/blockchain projects and their impact on our world. Prior to joining CoinDesk in 2020, she was Executive Producer of "The Business of Blockchain" video series at Nasdaq. At CoinDesk, Denise helped to launch CoinDesk TV and its streaming video shows. In her role as Senior Producer, she is involved in CDTV's editorial planning, team and project management. She owns small amounts of BTC and ETH.