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France Wants to Extradite Alleged Bitcoin Money Launderer

| Madeline Meng Shi

France, joined United States and Russia, is seeking the extradition of the alleged bitcoin money launder Alexander Vinnik.

Russia Blasts Decision to Extradite Alleged Bitcoin Money Launderer

| Nikhilesh De

Russia isn't happy that an alleged bitcoin money launderer is being extradited to the US following a court decision in Greece.

Court Approves Alleged Bitcoin Money Launder’s Extradition to France

| Christine Kim

In a legal tug-of-war between France, Russia and the U.S., Greek courts have ruled in France's favour to take over custody of Alexander Vinnik.

Bitcoin Price Spikes to Nearly $9K on Little-Known Crypto Exchange

| Christine Kim

Crypto exchange WEX, formerly known as BTC-e, saw its BTC/USD market spike to nearly $9,000 on Wednesday.

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Court Approves U.S. Extradition for Alleged BTC-e Operator

| Sujha Sundararajan

A Greek court has given the green light for the U.S. extradition of Alexander Vinnik, the alleged former operator of bitcoin exchange BTC-e.

Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Faces Extradition Hearing Next Month

| Stan Higgins

An alleged money laundered tied to the BTC-e bitcoin exchange and wanted by both Russia and the U.S. will attend an extradition hearing next month.

Greek Court Backs Extradition of Alleged Bitcoin Exchange Operator to US

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

A Greek court has backed a request that the alleged former operator of bitcoin exchange BTC-e should be extradited to the U.S. for trial.

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Alleged Bitcoin Money Launderer Has First Extradition Hearing

| Nikhilesh De

Alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik has had his first extradition hearing after being arrested in Greece on charges of money laundering.

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Alleged BTC-e Operator Claims Innocence in New Interview

| Nikhilesh De

The alleged operator of BTC-e has spoken out in an interview in which he claimed he is innocent of charges brought by the U.S. government.

BTC-e Connected to Bitcoin Money Laundering Arrest in Greece

| Stan Higgins

New reports have connected an arrest in Greece today with a bitcoin exchange long known for its secrecy.