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Mark Cuban-Backed Unikrn ICO Hit by Class Action Lawsuit

| Wolfie Zhao

Unikrn, an e-sport betting firm that conducted an ICO last year, is now facing a class action suit accusing it of violating US securities law.

Tezos ICO Class Action Looms After Motion to Dismiss Denied

| Wolfie Zhao

A motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit against Tezos' $232 million ICO was denied on Tuesday by a U.S. judge.


Tezos Is Giving Away Grant Money to Crypto Developers

| Muyao Shen

The Tezos Foundation is launching a grant program to encourage its community to participate on its platform starting next month.

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Surprise KYC: Investors in Tezos’ Troubled ICO Might Finally Be Fed Up

| David Floyd

After infighting brought months of delays, Tezos investors finally seemed about to receive their crypto tokens. Then something unexpected happened...

Bitcoin Brokerage Denies Tezos ICO Involvement in Court Filing

| Nikhilesh De

Bitcoin Suisse AG, a cryptocurrency brokerage listed as a defendant in a lawsuit against Tezos, has filed a motion to dismiss the case against it.

Tezos Foundation to Beef Up Dev Team After Board Reshuffle

| Nikhilesh De

Following a board shake-up, the Tezos Foundation announced it would hire up to 40 new developers to work on the Tezos protocol.

Tezos Board Reshuffled As Johann Gevers Steps Down

| Nikhilesh De

Johann Gevers and Diego Pons, the last original members of the Tezos Foundation Board, have voluntarily stepped down from their positions.

SEC Denies FOIA Request on Controversial Tezos ICO

| Stan Higgins

The SEC's denial of a FOIA request for records about the troubled blockchain project does not state that Tezos is under investigation.


Tezos Has a New Board, But What About the Money?

| Brady Dale

Tezos may be embroiled in a back-room brawl, but what does this mean for the funds raised at ICO? The answer to that question isn't so clear.

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New Class-Action Suit Filed Against Tezos Founders

| Nikhilesh De

The Tezos organization is being sued for a fourth time, in this case to freeze the funds raised during its ICO.