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New York State Tax Agency: Bitcoin Buyers Don’t Need to Pay Sales Tax

| Stan Higgins

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has said that bitcoin purchases will not be subject to sales taxes. According to a tax guidance…

Australian Tax Office Explains Bitcoin, Intends to Tax it

| Jon Southurst

The Australian Tax Office has demonstrated a clear understanding of bitcoin in an individual letter to a local startup.

Ripple Hires Legal Expert Behind Token Taxonomy Act

| Daniel Palmer

Blockchain payments tech provider Ripple has hired a former political adviser to assist its advocacy efforts with lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

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All-Crypto Retirement Accounts Will Be Fined: Australian Tax Office

| Daniel Kuhn

Investors who hold 90 percent of their retirement savings in cryptocurrencies may face penalties of up to 4,200 AUD.

New Zealand Tax Office Makes It Legal to Pay Salaries in Crypto

| Daniel Palmer

New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department has made it legal to receive salaries in cryptocurrency, and be taxed accordingly.

IRS Warnings to Bitcoin Traders Offer Clues to Coming Tax Guidance

| Nikhilesh De

Though the IRS has yet to publish its promised crypto tax guidance, the warning letters recently sent to 10,000 traders hint at what to expect.

North Carolina Congressman Reintroduces Crypto Tax Bill

| William Foxley

Reintroduced cryptocurrency tax legislation is taking aim at the IRS's current code

British Authorities Seek Data from Crypto Exchanges in Search of Tax Evaders

| Ian Allison

The U.K. tax authority is pressuring crypto exchanges to reveal customers' names and transaction histories in a bid to claw back unpaid taxes,…


Brazilian Tax Authorities Impose New Requirements on Crypto Trading

| Daniel Kuhn

Information regarding crypto transactions exceeding $7,600 in value must be submitted to the National Treasury.

Venezuela Turned Airport Taxes Into Bitcoin to Avoid Sanctions: Report

| Diana Aguilar

The Venezuelan president and his administration are said to be using proceeds from the airline industry – and cryptocurrency – to avoid…