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"All About Bitcoin" dives into today's top stories affecting crypto markets, including the U.S. Treasury's decision to ban Tornado Cash, claiming the mixing service facilitates money laundering and cyber crime. Ari Redbord, Head of Legal and Government Affairs at TRM Labs, discusses the ban and how it could impact crypto markets. Also, BTIG Managing Director Mark Palmer shares his bitcoin outlook and takeaways from Galaxy Digital's Q2 earnings report.

Ether's Deepest 'Backwardation' Since 2020 Crash Shows Traders Prepping for Ethereum PoW Split

Traders buy ETH in the spot market and sell ether futures to withstand volatility, creating backwardation.

Aug 8, 2022 at 3:32 p.m. UTC

US Secretary of State Tweets, Deletes Claim That Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash Is North Korea-Sponsored

U S Secretary of State Antony Blinken raised eyebrows Monday when he tweeted that the U S Treasury Department had sanctioned virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash which is a U S sanctioned DPRK state sponsored hacking group used by the DPRK to launder money One hour and three minutes later the tweet had been deleted [...]

Aug 8, 2022 at 5:16 p.m. UTC

US Government Amps Up Inevitable Clash With Crypto Privacy in Tornado Cash Blacklisting

The Treasury Department says Tornado Cash abetted $7 billion of money laundering, but that’s not likely to quiet crypto enthusiasts as they fight to stay anonymous.

Aug 8, 2022 at 5:13 p.m. UTC

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By Margaux Nijkerk
Aug 5, 2022 at 6:28 p.m. UTC


Markets Daily Podcast Cover

Crypto News Roundup for Aug. 8, 2022

With both BTC and ETH starting the day with gains over 5% while trading volumes suggest the rally may be short lived, plus a look at an interesting use case for stablecoins, CoinDesk’s “Markets Daily” is back with the latest news roundup.

Aug 8, 2022
CDCROP: Lado Okhotnikov (Forsage)

How to Stop Forsage, Meta Force and Other Smart Contract Pyramid Schemes

An SEC indictment notwithstanding, it's not easy to taking down online pyramid schemes, says our columnist. Here are some ideas.

Aug 8, 2022
Privacy Coins (Getty)

What Are Privacy Coins and Are They Legal?

While a vast majority of cryptocurrencies can be said to provide users with some degree of pseudonymity, only a select few can provide total anonymity when sending and receiving transactions.

Aug 8, 2022
(Getty Images, modified by CoinDesk)

Nominate Your School for the 2022 Best Universities for Blockchain

CoinDesk announces the kickoff of its 2022 Best Universities for Blockchain and calls for nominations around the world. We're giving away Consensus tickets to participating schools.

Jul 20, 2022
CDCROP: Kraken CEO Jesse Powell. (Kraken)

In Crypto Winter, Jesse Powell’s Pirate-King Leadership Style Might Be the New Normal

Less than 1% of employees have taken the CEO’s buyout offer since he laid down the law on culture. Is Kraken a “based” place to work, or just somewhere to ride out crypto winter?

Aug 6, 2022





SoftBank Reports Record Quarterly Loss

The decline was attributed to the global sell-off in tech stocks.

Aug 8, 2022
Bitcoin mining rigs at Kryptovault's facility in Hønefoss, Norway. (Image credit: Eliza Gkritsi/CoinDesk)

Iris Energy Turns On 41 Megawatts of Bitcoin Mining Machines Ahead of Schedule

The firm will be adding another 50MW by the end of next month, bringing its total hashrate to 3.7 EH/s.

Aug 8, 2022
CDCROP: WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty (WazirX)

WazirX Co-Founder Nischal Shetty Speaks Out on Spat With Binance CEO

Shetty said his team has been in discussions with Binance for several months to try and resolve the ownership issue.

Aug 8, 2022
Compass Mining's booth at Mining Disrupt in Miami in July 2022. (Eliza Gkritsi/CoinDesk)

After Countless Bungles, Compass Mining Tries to Change Course

The company that set out to make crypto mining available to retail investors has had to put out its own fires.

Aug 8, 2022