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ViaBTC Increases Cloud Mining Fee Citing China’s Mining Resource Scarcity

| Wolfie Zhao

China's crypto mining pool ViaBTC increases its maintenance fee ratio for AntMiner S9 cloud mining contract, citing mining resource scarcity in China.

Genesis HIve Dashboard

New Genesis Mining Tool Seeks Industrial Bitcoin Mining Efficiency

| Yessi Bello Perez

Genesis Mining has launched a new web interface which will enable miners to gain greater control of their bitcoin mining operations.

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Mining Roundup: Bitmain’s Mining Pool Push and a HashFast Auction

| Stan Higgins

This week, Bitmain launches a mining pool, GAWMiners announces Vaultbreaker delays and a court decides to auction HashFast's assets.

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Mining Roundup: Pen-and-Paper Mining, ROI Uncertainty and the Latest on Butterfly Labs

| Stan Higgins

This week's roundup includes an interview with the FTC and a look inside pen-and-paper bitcoin mining.

Mining Roundup: New Viper Tests and Bitmain’s Debut Cloud Mining Service

| Stan Higgins

This week's roundup includes a look inside Bitmain's factory and the debut of a new online hobby mining journal.

The CoinDesk Mining Roundup: Hot Issues, Lawsuits and Eco Mining

| Daniel Cawrey

Plagued with delays and rising costs, how will the mining industry appease customers and issues related to power consumption?

The CoinDesk Mining Roundup: Solar-Powered Mining, DVR Malware and the ‘Bitcoin Baron’

| Daniel Cawrey

The mining world has ongoing profitability issues because of bitcoin's price drop – perhaps this roundup can help.

Bankrupt Bitcoin Mining Company Alydian to Sell 218TH/s of Mining Power

| Pete Rizzo

Alydian has announced it is now accepting bids for three mining systems with a combined 218TH/s output.

The CoinDesk Mining Roundup: Zoomhash, Cloud Hashing and Riggit

| Daniel Cawrey

As difficulty and hash rates continue to rise, cryptocurrency mining offers the promise of spoils for those who persevere.

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The CoinDesk Mining Roundup: Alydian, Dogecoin and Cloud Mining

| Daniel Cawrey

The globe's most important mining news, featuring: bad news for Alydian, dogecoin gets inflation, and new ways to mine.