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First Grin Block Mined as Mimblewimble Privacy Crypto Goes Live

| Christine Kim

Grin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency built on "mimblewimble" tech, has gone live on mainnet.

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Beam Announces ‘Critical’ Vulnerability in Mimblewimble Crypto’s Wallet

| Christine Kim and Stan Higgins

The Beam privacy coin's development team announced a "critical" vulnerability discovered in its wallet software Wednesday, telling users to remove…

The First Cryptocurrency to Use Mimblewimble Privacy Tech Is Now Live

| Christine Kim

A new privacy coin called "Beam" just launched on mainnet. It's based on the highly-regarded "mimblewimble" white paper outlining support for…

Grin and Beam: A Tale of Two Coins Being Built on Mimblewimble

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Mimblewimble is about to go live – not in one, but in two new cryptocurrency implementations.

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Mimblewimble’s Small Step: Grin Raises Funds for New Development

| Alyssa Hertig

Bitcoin startup BlockCypher is among those backing development for a new alternative blockchain that aims to break cryptographic ground.

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Mimblewimble Just Launched Its First Testnet

| Alyssa Hertig

An experimental blockchain boasting an innovative array of potential features is now entering a new phase of testing.


‘Solstice’ Approaching: Mimblewimble Blockchain Considers Fork Schedule

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

A soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency based on an acclaimed white paper is considering a novel strategy for future blockchain upgrades.

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MimbleWimble Won’t ICO But Will Launch Cryptocurrency

| Alyssa Hertig

One of the more theoretical attempts at scaling blockchain networks is taking steps toward launching it's own network for further testing.

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Sorting Hat Time? MimbleWimble Weighs Own Blockchain Launch

| Corin Faife

As the MimbleWimble project moves forward, the team is considering whether to leave the bitcoin blockchain behind in order to advance its ideas.

MimbleWimble: Silly Sounding Tech Could Seriously Reform Bitcoin

| Catheryne Nicholson

BlockCypher's CEO speaks out about the dysfunction in bitcoin's community and why she believes new tech could help save it.