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JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon: Facebook’s Crypto Isn’t a Short-Term Concern

| Daniel Kuhn

“We’re going to be talking about Libra three years from now," JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Tuesday.

Jamie Dimon: JPM Coin Could ‘One Day’ See Consumer Use

| Anna Baydakova

JPMorgan's CEO has suggested that consumers could eventually use its U.S. dollar-linked token.

Will Crypto Torch Jamie Dimon?

| Michael J Casey

The $156 in bitcoin being passed via the "Lighting Torch" is a bigger deal than trillions in JPM Coins would be, writes Michael J. Casey.

‘Just Beware’ Is All Jamie Dimon Will Say About Bitcoin

| Anna Baydakova

Jamie Dimon once called bitcoin a fraud – now he's saying "just beware."


Jamie Dimon Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

| Omkar Godbole

JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon now reportedly regrets calling bitcoin a "fraud," though he is still not a fan of the cryptocurrency.

Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 #2: Jamie Dimon

| Marc Hochstein

"Bitcoin is a fraud." Four small words ignited a maelstrom when JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon took the stage at a conference in September. The blockchain…

Jamie Dimon Says He’s Done Talking About Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

Jamie Dimon, head of Wall Street banking giant JPMorgan Chase, has said he won't be talking about bitcoin following his controversial "fraud" comment.

Macquarie Analyst Rejects Jamie Dimon’s Bitcoin ‘Fraud’ Critique

| Stan Higgins

An senior analyst for Macquarie Group has pushed back against some of the criticism against bitcoin coming from Wall Street.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort: Jamie Dimon is Right About Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

The infamous Jordan Belfort, better known as 'The Wolf of Wall Street', thinks JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon is right about bitcoin.

kettle, black

Crypto Is Here to Stay (Whatever Jamie Dimon Might Say)

| Bradley Tusk

The JPMorgan CEO's bitcoin comments? They're a symptom of the very problems bitcoin is trying to solve, according to one venture investor.