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PODCAST: Nic Carter on Bitcoin’s Evolution as a Safe-Haven Asset

| Nathaniel Whittemore

“If you are fleeing a country with just the clothes on your back and want to take your savings with you, bitcoin is an excellent safe haven,”…

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Like Gold? These Four Charts Say Not Yet

| Galen Moore

Market movements show us that bitcoin is not generally accepted as a safe-haven investment.

Gold, Not Bitcoin, Is Drawing Haven Demand on US Recession Fears

| Omkar Godbole

The increased likelihood of a U.S. recession has brought a boost to gold prices. For bitcoin, though, it's a different story.

Cryptocurrency Not Proven Safe Haven Says Investor Mark Mobius

| William Foxley

"Anything that’s created by man can be broken into . . . and it could create a big crises," investor Marcus Mobius said about blockchain

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Questions Bitcoin’s Role as ‘Safe Haven’

| William Foxley

The business mogul critiqued Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano's financial holdings, comparing cryptocurrencies to "Vegas games"

What Happened: Why the First Physical Bitcoin Futures Haven’t Launched

| Nikhilesh De

LedgerX admitted it has not launched bitcoin futures, as it previously claimed, after the CFTC said it had not approved the exchange to do so.

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Not So Safe Haven? Signs Suggest Bitcoin Might Still Be a Risk Asset

| Sam Ouimet, Sebastian Sinclair and Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin and the equities markets both took a tumble this week, leaving many to wonder if BTC is more safe haven or risk asset.

Bitcoin: Safe Haven Asset or Lead Indicator for the S&P?

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin is yet to find acceptance as "digital gold," an S&P 500 and bitcoin price comparison suggests.

A Haven for Blockchain: The Case for Wyoming

| Tyler Lindholm and Caitlin Long

Three bills in the state legislature, combined with zero taxes and cheap power, should make Wyoming a competitive location for blockchain businesses.

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Is Safe Haven Scarcity Becoming a Boon For Bitcoin?

| Charles Bovaird

The strict regulations that emerged following the financial crisis may have helped make bitcoin more attractive to investors, analysts say.