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All Things Alt: Feathercoin Forks and a Collaborative Crowdfund for Charity

| Stan Higgins

In this week's roundup: a dual charity project by litecoin and dogecoin and a hard fork for feathercoin.

All Things Alt: A Crypto Congress and a Birthday for Feathercoin

| Stan Higgins

We feature a mobile game that use caishencoins, and an altcoin modeled after a TV show.

feathercoin Bittylicious

UK Bitcoin-Buying Service Bittylicious Adds Feathercoin

| Richard Boase

Bittylicious, a UK platform that supplies buyers with bitcoins at a premium price, will sell feathercoins in December.

UNOCS logo

UNOCS altcoin partnership dismantled following Feathercoin pullout

| Danny Bradbury

UNOCS, the partnership designed to take several altcoins mainstream, has been dismantled following the departure of Feathercoin.


Feathercoin secures its block chain with advanced checkpointing

| David Gilson

Feathercoin has announced advanced checkpointing in its block chain to protect against 51% attacks.

Altcurrency exchange Crypto Street converts bitcoin, litecoin and feathercoin

| David Gilson

Crypto St. is a US-based exchange focusing its attention on supporting up and coming altcurrencies.

Feathercoin enthusiasts celebrate pub meetup by testing merchant interface

| David Gilson

Last Saturday saw the first meetup for UK-based cryptocurrency Feathercoin at the Oxford Blue pub in Oxford.

Feathercoin Meetup - Oxford Blue

Altcoins to take centre stage at Feathercoin meetup in Oxford

| Emily Spaven

A Feathercoin meetup is being held in a pub in Oxford, England, this weekend.

Feathercoin, PhenixCoin and Worldcoin partner to form UNOCS, the United Open Currencies Solutions group

| David Gilson

Feathercoin, PhenixCoin and Worldcoin have partnered to form United Open Currency Solutions (UNOCS).

Feathercoin’s Peter Bushnell: There’s room for more crypto-currencies

| David Gilson

We talked to Peter Bushnell to learn more about Feathercoin's origins and how to best mine the currency.