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SWIFT Chief Announces Trial DLT Integration With R3

| Ian Allison

Global banking payments network SWIFT says it plans a trial integration with DLT provider R3.

ASX Reaffirms 2021 DLT Rollout After Blythe Masters Steps Down

| Nikhilesh De

The Australian Securities Exchange will continue to work on its DLT-based settlement system despite the departure of of Blythe Masters, the former…

CFTC Commissioner Cites CryptoKitties, Dogecoin When Talking DLT Uses

| Aditi Hudli

CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam emphasized that regulators must understand distributed ledger tech before regulating it.

Most Central Banks Back Digital Currency If DLT Improved: IBM Survey

| Wolfie Zhao

A new IBM survey finds most central banks polled back issuing a wholesale digital currency, but are still uncertain about blockchain's efficiency.

SBI to Roll Out Ripple DLT-Based Payments App on iOS, Android

| Wolfie Zhao

Having revealed the plan in March, Japan's SBI Holdings says it will roll out a Ripple DLT-based payments app for iOS and Android this autumn.

ASX Head Says New DLT System Could Save Billions

| Anna Baydakova

The Australian Securities Exchange is looking to blockchain technology as a potential replacement for its clearing and settlement services.

DLT Platform Hedera Hashgraph Completes $100 Million Raise

| Nikhilesh De

Decentralized ledger startup Hedera Hashgraph has raised $100 million to build out its platform and launch its network, the firm said Wednesday.

Shanghai Stock Exchange: New Regulation ‘Crucial’ to Clear Way for DLT

| Wolfie Zhao

Shanghai Stock Exchange sees potential for DLT in the securities market, but says the lack of a regulatory framework is a hurdle to be addressed.

Swiss Stock Exchange to Tokenize Securities With New DLT Platform

| Wolfie Zhao

Switzerland's principal stock exchange will build a blockchain-based platform to tokenize traditional securities for further trading and settlement.

EU Regulator: DLT In Trade Finance Still Faces Legal Uncertainty

| Wolfie Zhao

The European Banking Authority published a report to raise public awareness of the benefits and risks associated with the use of DLT in finance.