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SEC: Celebrity ICO Endorsements Could Be Illegal

| Stan Higgins

Celebrities who endorse initial coin offerings may be in violation of the law, the SEC said today.

NBA Superstar Steph Curry Is Now the First Celebrity CryptoKitty

| Nikhilesh De

NBA star Stephen Curry is launching the first celebrity-branded CryptoKitty, with two more on the way.

DJ Khaled Is the Latest Celebrity to Promote an ICO

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Music producer DJ Khaled has become the latest in a line of celebrities promoting initial coin offerings on social media.

Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton Is the Latest Celebrity to Promote an ICO

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Following in Floyd Mayweather's footsteps, Paris Hilton has announced her participation in a token sale for a project called called Lydian.

Pink Taxis, Red Flags: A Deep Dive Into a Sketchy ICO

| David Floyd

No team, plagiarized white paper, McAfee pump, promises of bitcoin-like returns, brand hijacking, a fake blog. Welcome to ICO-land.

SEC Halts Mayweather-Endorsed ICO, Charges Founders With Fraud

| Nikhilesh De

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has halted the Floyd Mayweather-supported Centra Tech initial coin offering.

Steve Seagal-Backed ‘Bitcoiin’ ICO Hit with Regulator Warning

| Nikhilesh De

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is warning the states residents about the Steven Seagal-backed "Bitcoiin" project.

New Jersey Issues Cease-and-Desist to ICO Endorsed by Steven Seagal

| Wolfie Zhao

The U.S. state of New Jersey has issued a cease-and-desist order to an initial coin offering (ICO) endorsed by film actor Steven Seagal.

Actor Steven Seagal Endorses Questionable ‘Bitcoiin’ ICO

| Stan Higgins

Action film star Steven Seagal has become the brand ambassador for a controversial cryptocurrency ahead of an initial coin offering (ICO).

ICOs: The Tech Is Here, But Where Are the Standards?

| Nick Cowan

ICOs may be here to stay, but self-regulation can make all the difference for the fledgling industry, the head of Gibraltar's stock exchange argues.