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Switzerland to Regulate Blockchain Within Existing Financial Laws

| Yogita Khatri

Switzerland's government plans to accommodate the blockchain sector within existing financial laws, but with a few tweaks.

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ICO Central: Why Switzerland Will Remain Crypto Valley

| Ian Simpson

Switzerland is poised to remain a hotbed of ICO activity, despite regulatory actions. But it should not try to be the only hub, writes Ian Simpson.

UBS, PwC Back Blockchain Group in Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

| Stan Higgins

A new blockchain-focused nonprofit organization has launched in Switzerland with the aim of promoting and researching the tech.

Switzerland Wants to Open a Sandbox to Attract More Blockchain Startups

| Stan Higgins

Switzerland’s government is considering new regulations in light of fintech advancements such as blockchain.

EY Switzerland Will Accept Bitcoin Next Year

| Stan Higgins

The Swiss outfit of professional services firm EY is set to begin accepting bitcoin payments next year.

For Blockchain Startups, Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ is No New York

| Michael del Castillo

A tiny province in Switzerland is proving a magnet for blockchain startups

How Switzerland’s First Financial Markets Blockchain Was Born

| Michael del Castillo

A prototype currently being developed by Six Securities provides one of the first examples of how FMIs are investigating blockchain.

Xapo Moves to Switzerland Citing Customer Privacy Concerns

| Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin security specialist Xapo has relocated its headquarters to Switzerland in a bid to boost customer privacy protections.

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Switzerland’s Largest University Tests ‘Touchless’ Bitcoin Payments Solution

| Pete Rizzo

The University of Zurich has launched a bitcoin payments trial that will utilise near-field communication technology.

Is the Window Closing on US Blockchain Leadership?

| William Mougayar

The U.S. should apply a "do no harm" approach and take a lead role on blockchain regulation, says William Mougayar.