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| Parker Ferguson

North Korea Denies It Hacked $2 Billion in Fiat and Crypto

| Daniel Palmer

North Korea has denied a recent U.N. report suggesting it was behind major hacks that reaped around $2 billion for its weapons programs.

Australian Securities Exchange Building New Blockchain Platform With VMWare, Digital Asset

| William Foxley

ASX is teaming up with Digital Asset and VMWare to move its current exchange platform onto distributed ledger technology.

Senior CFTC Official Who Set Bitcoin Futures Policy Is Leaving: Report

| Daniel Palmer

Amir Zaidi, director of the CFTC's Division of Market Oversight, is to leave the regulator within weeks, according to Bloomberg Law.

LG Expands Blockchain Ambitions With Food Ledger and Crypto Trademark

| Daniel Kuhn

LG has experimented with blockchain since 2017 through its many subsidiaries. This is the closest its gotten to releasing a wallet.

Unpatched Ethereum Clients Pose 51% Attack Risk, Says Report

| Daniel Palmer

Ethereum clients that still haven't patched known vulnerabilities pose a security risk to the entire network, according to new research.

Sirin Labs Lays Off 25% of Staff Amid Poor Blockchain Phone Sales

| Daniel Palmer

Israel-based Sirin Labs has laid off a quarter of its workforce, saying sales of its Finney phone are lower than expected.

Australian Regulator Trials Blockchain to Automate Transaction Reporting

| Yogita Khatri

Australian financial regulator AUSTRAC is trialing blockchain technology to automate reporting of cross-border transactions by institutions.