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MAS, JPMorgan Build Payments System With Inter-Blockchain Connectivity

| Daniel Palmer

Working with JPMorgan and Temasek, Singapore's central bank has developed a prototype blockchain-based cross border payments system.

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JPMorgan, Intel Alums Launch Revenue-Sharing Stablecoin USDD

| Danny Nelson

A dollar-backed stablecoin with a twist: revenue-sharing with the institutions that use it.

First Singapore Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Blockchain Payments Initiative

| Daniel Palmer

JPMorgan's blockchain payments network has just onboarded its first Singapore-based bank, OCBC.

Deutsche Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Crypto Payments Network

| Daniel Palmer

JPMorgan's blockchain-based interbank payments initiative, IIN, has added Deutsche Bank as its latest member, bringing the total to 320 banks.

JPMorgan CEO Dimon Says Crypto Companies ‘Want to Eat Our Lunch’

| Daniel Kuhn

Dimon believes blockchain is real and is wary of the competition it brings.

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JPMorgan to Start Customer Trials of Its ‘JPM Coin’ Crypto

| Daniel Palmer

JPMorgan Chase is reportedly to start client trials of its "JPM Coin" cryptocurrency for intercompany remittances.

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JPMorgan Adds Privacy Features to Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain

| Ian Allison

JPMorgan has developed a new privacy feature for ethereum-based blockchains that hides both the sender and the amount in a transaction.


JPMorgan Quietly Reboots the Blockchain Behind Its JPM Coin Cryptocurrency

| Ian Allison

JPMorgan has been replacing key privacy components of its Quorum blockchain platform over the past six months.

Microsoft Makes JPMorgan’s Quorum the Preferred Blockchain for Azure Cloud

| Nikhilesh De

Microsoft will promote JPMorgan Chase's Quorum blockchain to the software giant's business customers in a newly created partnership.

JPMorgan Exec Joins Blockchain Gold-Trading Firm Tradewind as CEO

| Anna Baydakova

Tradewind, a blockchain-powered precious metals market, has hired a JPMorgan veteran to be its first-ever CEO.