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The Stolen DAO Funds Are On the Move

| Michael del Castillo

More than $5m worth of digital currency associated with the attack on The DAO is on the move.

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One Month After Ethereum Fork, Millions in DAO Funds Unclaimed

| Michael del Castillo

It's been a month since the ethereum hard fork moved $150m worth of DAO ether into a withdraw-only account. Today, $25m is still unclaimed.

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Ether Withdrawals Slow as Millions in DAO Funds Remain Unclaimed

| Michael del Castillo

Millions in ether remain unclaimed from an account established for the purpose of allowing original investors in The DAO to get it back.

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Nearly Half of All DAO Funds Withdrawn After Ethereum Hard Fork

| Stan Higgins

Forty-three percent, or nearly half of all funds, associated with The DAO have now been withdrawn by former project investors.

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Ethereum Executes Blockchain Hard Fork to Return DAO Funds

| Michael del Castillo

Ethereum has executed a hard fork of its blockchain, returning funds lost in The DAO collapse to investors.

The Plot Thickens As DAO Attacker Trades Stolen Funds for Bitcoin

| Alyssa Hertig

More than $100,000 worth of digital currency tied to ethereum’s biggest hack has been successfully converted into bitcoin.

Former Polychain Partner Ryan Zurrer Is Leaving Web3 to Start a DAO

| Brady Dale

Ryan Zurrer, a former partner at Polychain, has announced his next act. A new version of one of ethereum's biggest failures.

High Stakes: Ethereum’s Fight Over Lost Funds Explained

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum is facing what might be its biggest tech crisis in some time, with developers split over whether software changes should recover lost funds.

Ethereum Security Lead: Hard Fork Required to Release Frozen Parity Funds

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

The security lead for the Ethereum Foundation has said a hard fork will be required to free up funds frozen in a hack yesterday.

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The DAO Again? Fears, Forks and Finger-Pointing In Parity Exploit Aftermath

| Alyssa Hertig