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Bitspark Embarks on Blockchain RemittanceĀ Trial with UN in Tajikistan

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitspark has revealed is working with the United Nations Development Programme on a trial aimed to build financial inclusion in Tajikistan.

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Bitcoin Firm Bitspark Joins Accenture’s FinTech Accelerator

| Yessi Bello Perez

Hong Kong-based remittance platform Bitspark is the only bitcoin and blockchain startup to join Accenture's FinTech Innovation accelerator.


Bitspark Rolls Out Remittance Service to Indonesia

| Joon Ian Wong

Bitspark has rolled out its second bitcoin-powered remittance service in a month, catering this time to Indonesian workers in Hong Kong.

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Bitspark Enters Hong Kong’s Remittance Market With Bitcoin-Powered Solution

| Joon Ian Wong

Hong Kong startup Bitspark is offering a new remittance service that slashes costs by one-third with bitcoin.

Beyond USD: The Next Frontier for Stablecoins

| George Harrap

The next generation of stablecoins will eschew the U.S. dollar as their basis, writes Bitspark's George Harrap.

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Why Bitcoin Remittance Companies Are Still Shrugging Off Swift

| Frederick Reese

Financial messaging giant Swift may have introduced new payments tech, but bitcoin startups still feel confident about their role in the industry.

Why There’s Still Hope for Bitcoin Remittance Companies

| George Harrap

Bitspark's George Harrap lists his takeaways from three years of running a bitcoin-based remittance startup.

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Blockchain Startup Joins Accenture Innovation Lab

| Stan Higgins

A financial innovation lab operated by management consulting firm Accenture has added a blockchain startup to its latest class.


Accenture: Global Insurers Will Embrace the Blockchain

| Stan Higgins

In a new blog post, a managing director for Accenture argued that in the years ahead, the insurance industry will move to embrace the blockchain.


Blockchain Panel Draws Capacity Crowd at Finnovasia

| Pete Rizzo

A blockchain panel at Finnovasia drew so many interested FinTech professionals extra chairs needed to be brought into the auditorium.