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Meet WEX: Bitcoin Exchange Launches for BTC-e Users with BTC-e Design

| Nikhilesh De

A new exchange is courting users of the now-defunct BTC-e exchange, but it bears a striking resemblance to its illicit predecessor.


BTC China’s New Pool Mines 3,325 BTC in Five Weeks

| Jon Southurst

BTC China's recently launched mining pool has already produced over $1.2m-worth of bitcoin, the company says.

BTC Global logo

End of Mt.Gox, future of BTC exchanges? An interview with BTC Global’s Steven Morrell

| William McCanless

Steven Morrell of BTC Global talks about the future of Bitcoin exchanges in the United States and abroad, as well as what a Bitcoin world looks like.

Mt Gox Trustee Asked DOJ to Share Info on Jailed BTC-e Owner Alexander Vinnik

| Anna Baydakova

The trustee recovering funds on behalf of Mt Gox's creditors has contacted the U.S. Department of Justice seeking information about Alexander Vinnik.

cme, mccourt

CME Files to Double Monthly Bitcoin Futures Open Position Limit to 10K BTC

| Nikhilesh De

CME Group wants to double the maximum number of bitcoin futures contracts traders can buy for each month.

Prosecutors File Formal Complaint Against Infamous BTC-e Crypto Exchange

| Daniel Kuhn

Prosecutors have filed a complaint against the infamous crypto exchange BTC-e calling a haven for crime.

Binance Cuts Time Needed for BTC, ETH Deposits and Withdrawals

| Daniel Palmer

Binance has just cut the number of block confirmations needed to make withdrawals and deposits in two top cryptocurrencies.

‘Hard Core Fund’ Collects 50 BTC to Support Bitcoin Developers

| Leigh Cuen

This bitcoin evangelist is bridging the gap between the Asian mining industry and global open source developers.


Stolen Bitfinex BTC Is on the Move

| John Biggs

Untouched since 2016, $1.37 million of stolen bitcoin changed wallets Friday.

Alleged BTC-e Operator Alexander Vinnik Seeks Extradition to Russia

| Yogita Khatri

Alleged bitcoin launderer Alexander Vinnik, who is wanted by several countries, has filed in Greece for extradition to Russia.