In Berlin, A ‘DAO Renaissance’ Begins

by Christine Kim

FTC Settles With Promoters of Multi-Level Marketing Crypto Scheme

| Daniel Kuhn

Four promoters of crypto-denominated chain-referral scams are ordered to pay fines totaling less than $500,000.

Circle CEO: China’s Digital Currency Could ‘Bypass’ Western Bank System

| William Foxley

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said China is setting the pace in the development of a digital currency equivalent of its fiat currency, the renminbi.

Blockchain Will Integrate BitPay’s Payments System For Wallet Payments

| Daniel Kuhn

The largest wallet provider, Blockchain, partnered with the largest bitcoin payment processor, BitPay.

maker, dai

Maker Foundation Tried and Failed to Register ‘DEFI’ Trademark

| William Foxley

Under current law, the responsibility of defending trademarks falls on the holder of the trademark.

UK Central Bank Chief Sees Digital Currency Displacing US Dollar as Global Reserve

| Nikhilesh De

BOE governor Mark Carney called on Friday for the creation of a wholly digital alternative to the U.S. dollar.

Largest Korean Exchange to Review Listings and Drop Failing Coins

| Richard Meyer

Bithumb will assemble a committee to periodically review its listed cryptocurrencies, becoming the second exchange in Korea to update its listing…

Binance Offers VIP Accounts to Hacked Users

| John Biggs

Binance will offer VIP accounts to affected users but recommends hacked users replace their government IDs.

Web3’s Gavin Wood Launches Kusama Network to Test Polkadot Protocol

| Christine Kim

The Web3 Foundation launched a live experimental version of the Polkadot network on Friday. Here's what Kusama will be testing.

Blockchain May Be Used in FDA Medical Reviews and Recalls

| Daniel Kuhn

The FDA's acting chief information officer said the agency is rolling out a modernization plan using AI and blockchain.

Canadians Charged for $220,000 Bitcoin Scam on Twitter

| Daniel Kuhn

Two Canadian nationals posed as HitBTC customer service representatives in order to steal a user's login credentials.