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Uber Denies Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments

(@pete_rizzo_) | Published on July 8, 2015 at 18:50 BST

Uber has denied that it is currently integrating bitcoin as a payment option for its on-demand mobile ride-sharing services.

Suspicions regarding a potential announcement first began to circulate on social media yesterday after a user posted a cryptic interaction with one of the company's help desk representatives to Reddit.

The text of the message suggested that Uber was "currently making bitcoin work" for the service, but offered few supporting details.

However, a representative for Uber indicated that such assertions were unwarranted, telling CoinDesk flatly: "This story isn't true."

Speculation that the company could move to accept bitcoin has emerged periodically from the bitcoin community, including in the weeks preceding the announcement that mobile payments firm Braintree would integrate a bitcoin payments option.

In a further connection between the technology and the company, Uber SVP Emil Michael was named as investor in micropayments startup Neucoin's $1.25m angel round in February.

Yessi Bello-Perez contributed reporting.



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