Bitcoin Price Index (24h)

Last updated on Mar 30, 2017 at 01:53 BST. Based on the following values:

Bitstamp $1,042.75
OKCoin $1,048.99
Coinbase $1,050.05
Bitfinex $1,049.65
itBit $1,047.52
BTC China ¥6,934.78
OKCoin ¥7,042.45

USD 0.71%


CNY 0.12%






William Mougayar

William is the author of The Business Blockchain (Wiley, 2016). He is General Partner at Virtual Capital Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund, and currently on the Board of Directors of OB1, the OpenBazaar open source protocol that is pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer commerce, a special Board Advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, a member of OMERS Ventures Board of Advisors, an Advisory Board member to the Coin Center, Bloq and founder of Startup Management. He holds BTC, ETH and STEEM; and he is an investor in OpenBazaar, MediaChain and ChangeTip (See: Editorial Policy).


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