50 Attorneys Form Blockchain Legal Defense Coalition

(@pete_rizzo_) | Published on October 3, 2016 at 16:01 BST

Fifty leading blockchain legal experts have joined forces to launch the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition (DCLDC).

Announced today, the initiative will find some of the sector's more prominent lawyers agreeing to work pro bono for individuals or businesses that cannot afford legal services as well as pledging to submit supporting legal documents in cases where outcomes may impact the industry.

Brian Klien (Baker Marquart); Jerry Brito (Coin Center); Marjorie Peerce (Ballard Spahr); Grant Fondo (Goodwin); and Marcia Hofmann (Zeitgeist Law) will serve on the group's board of directors.

Other notable members include some of the sector's more visible attorneys including Manatt's Carol Van Cleef and Pillsbury Winthrop's Marco Santori.

Office meeting image via Shutterstock


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